At what age can i start weightlifting?

i am often do i do it?

I started working out when I be 12 and I work out 5 days a week. Also get more live by doing more activities outside such as running, biking, hiking, or climbing. These outdoor actions will complement with what ever you do for weightlifting.
You can start very soon... every day lately not to much!
I started weight lifting when I be 13...
You could start slow with a solidity that you can comfortably lift, later go for something a bit heavier and more challenging. Once you go and get comfortable with that, you could move up to a heavier shipment, and so on.
With every session, you should end once you surface like you've gotten a well-mannered workout-- not so you feel overworked, but so you surface excersized. I guess. lol
You are start now adjectives you really have to is 3 times a week to start out and you can start at resembling 15 pounds and work ur way up for ur arms and the other stuff is up too you. But dont start do any item that make you unconfrontable. And it bear time and at first it hard to preserve doing but after a month it is like a habbit. Hope this help.
go for it twice a time. a lite workout in the morning to win your body going ( trust me it will give you a lil more energy). afterwards in the afternoon budge for the full workout.
It's a widely accepted medical and fitness feelings that as a teen you can do most the same workouts that any adults do keeping the follwing within mind.

Because of your age your growth plates are still open. Therefore, you are not supposed to do genuine heavy solidity. It varies from personage to person but an jammy rule of thumb is until you stop growing you shouldn't use any weight you can not make at least 8 reps per set on any exercise, within particular, creamy lifts resembling squats and deadlifts that put pressure on your spine..

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