Abs, arm & leg muscles, and pecs?

i'm 14, and 6'3", 130 pounds, very skinny, and have no access to a gym. i can do crunches and sit ups, and push-ups. i have 5 pounds weight and can go running with friends. i have all the time in the world to do exercises, and i don't need them anytime soon, although they'd be nice by august 27th. anyway, advice would be great!


Muscular development in males is enhanced by testosterone, as evidenced by the steroid abuse of body builders and athletes. If you are well into puberty, axillary, pubic and facial hair with a deepening voice, weight training with increasing amounts of weight, heavy weights, will build muscle mass. If you are at the beginning, you had better wait until you have a little more of a chemical edge. Say when you have facial hair.

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