Anyone...relief please!! this is really crucial?

hey everyone i have a bit problem and i need facilitate. i love my girlfriend to death and she tell me that she loves me to. over this past weekend, she told me that she wishes to take for a time break but she still loves me. she claims that she just requirements to make sure that she really loves me. she newly wants to try it out for the summer. she also told me that i am holding her subsidise a little. by that i denote, when she goes out w/ her friends, she want to bump into new empire but she feels guilty b/c i am alway on her mind. wat should i do, i hold never been contained by this situtation. and i dont want to lose her. one other thing, she lives 5 hrs away rite presently b/c she is in university. if anyone can help that would be great.

You have need of to let her shift. Your girlfriend is already cheating on you and you don't even realize it. If she loved you like she say she does, she would never want a break.
It's understandable that she desires some space, although I know how hard to be precise going to be on her.

Give it a try... It'll be hard, but a bit distance might be a good item and it'll be so much better when she realizes that she really requests you.
give her some space 4 a while.this will back both of u guys grow a better realtionship
I think you should really consult to her and ask her honestly if she does really love you and whether she will really want to get hindmost together or is it just to fob you rotten so she can go and own fun
dude i know this isnt what u want to hear but it seems similar to she wants out .she wishes to see other people(guys) sorry
If you love something set it free, if it comes back to it is yours, if it doesn't it never be. You are in a difficult position, but unhappily you have to do as she asks. It is a appropriate test of a relationship, and I have a sneaking suspicion that this girl is being greatly wise indeed. She sounds close to she is young and wishes to experience a bit of life in the past she gets too committed. There are other letters and the phone so it's not as though you can't save in contact. The more you try to hold on to her the more you will push her away. You stipulation to step back and consent to her know how much you love her and that you will be there for her when she decide what she wants. Look upon it as a positive experience, although I am sure that's not the approach you are feeling right very soon. Good luck
Dude...quit posting the same cross-question.and try posting it in the correct category.RELATIONSHIPS.. simple...your gf is wanting to "explore" other "options" short cheating on you...
Not only near is nothing wrong near it, in a road, it may prove 2 b essential. Making a break 4 some time, is good. This give both a chance 2 presume about the other an additional. When u r together again, in a style u know each other better. How much u miss respectively other, can only b specified by breaking off 4 sometime.
Sounds resembling she wants to break up near you without hurting your ambience. Also, she wants to preserve you hanging on simply in grip.

I would start looking for another girlfriend.
If she wants space from U and she lives 5 hours away I would say aloud that she probaly wants out and I am so sorry to detail U this but thats what I believe that would mean.Just tolerate her go as desperate as it hurts, if it's meant to be next it will be.U need to turn out and meet other nation too though.Don't just sit in that and wait for her.Who know's?Maybe the love of your life span is out there waiting to get together U this summer!!Good Luck!!
Give her the space she is requiring. By trying to stay connected, will only push her further away. And it still may. There is nought more miserable than losing someone you love, but if it is one side love, it will never work.
Sorry, can't hold something that doesn't want to be held...

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