Is eating too much pinto bean bad for my health?

I know they have alot or Iron, and I belive I read somewhere That too much Iron is bad.

Human Body Content

The average human body contains a total of 4,000 mg (4 grams) of Iron.

Essential Intake

The RDA of Iron for men is 10 mg per day.
The RDA of Iron for women is 15 mg per day.

-During Pregnancy, women require a total of 60 mg of Iron per day.

The optimal daily allowance (ODA) of Iron (for adults) is 0 - 40 mg per day.

Interaction with Vitamin C

Iron supplements should not be consumed at the same time as megadoses of Vitamin C.

Iron Supplementation Not for Everybody

Because excessive Iron generates potentially toxic Free Radicals, it is important that only those people who are deemed to be deficient in Iron use Iron supplements and that those people who are not Iron-
deficient avoid Iron supplementation:

-Most men and the majority of women are NOT deficient in Iron.
-9-11% of adolescent women and women of child-bearing age have been found to be deficient in Iron.



5-30% of ingested Iron is actually absorbed into the bloodstream:

-5 - 10% of non-Heme Iron is absorbed by the body.
-20 - 30% of Heme Iron is absorbed by the body.

Iron absorption decreases in tandem with the Aging Process.

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You should be ok

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