Well, see here... My buddy iv'e been friends near since 2nd grade is 16 and one partly. He is concerned that he has have all sighns of puberty exept penis growth. Is here a disease that prevents the men's genital area from growing? I've hear that puberty usually stopps at 15, is there anything wrong?

Some men hold little diks. That's a fact. BUt puberty growth doesn't stop at 15 and although 15 is somewhat late he is not a lost effect. if he is truly concerned he can see a doctor for hormone therapy but if he is growing generally otherwise.. I doubt any Doctor will intervene.
Puberty doesn't stop at age 15, it lasts until your are around 18. Some general public are short, some people are high, some people hold small penises, some people hold long penises, everyone is born with different genes.
Actually he may verbs growing till 21 yrs.
if he is asian, it will stay that small size no matter what.
Is it within inches or centimeters? If in inches, he hit it before that's why it's not growing now, otherwise see a doctor.

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