Ab workout minus the central equipment?

I am working to build my ab and chest muscles doing regular home exercises, but from sit-ups and crunches I only work the upper abs. Any planning for the lower abs that doesn't require expensive equipment or access to a gym?

If you can find somewhere with those polite old iron put your foot bars, similar to a handicapped ramp at 5 am or something, you can do reverse crunches while you hold yourself up. Yes, you feel the burn! Adding ankle weights to the leg lift can add some resistance too, or possibly check resistance bands, they are rather cheap and you can do a lot beside them.
leg raises will work your lowers. also side bends to grasp your obliques, or love handles.

push ups for chest also, and do inverted to work the top of your chest.
in actual fact, check out he book "weight training for dummies" - they administer some ideas (i give the impression of being to recall reverse crunches) though they do clarify that it's adjectives one muscle - no such thing as "upper" and "lower" abs.

also, be aware that you wont lose belly large by doing ab exercises, regardless of what the informercial say or intimate. you must lose overall body fat to lose chubby in the gut, disappointingly. and if you're a guy? that will be the last place you'll lose weightiness :(
**Leg lifts (Lay on your vertebrae and raise your legs straight up and down - dont tolerate your feet hit the ground as you lower them)

**Sit down next to your knees tucked towards your stomach. Extend your legs straight and bring them back into the tucked position


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