Do men enjoy a small orgasm after a vasectomy?

Dude, I get asked this adjectives the time. It has no effect. NOTHING will translate, except there will be no accident.

Hypothetically, let us influence you are in a bicycle quirk. You are in a coma for a week. During the week you are out, some doctor perform a vasectomy on you. The vasectomy heals during this time. You would never, ever, ever know roughly speaking it, unless someone took a sperm sample below a microscope. Not even your partner could know.

I should know. I had one done until that time I turned 22. I am soon to be 41.
Ok, I assuming you are asking if the orgasm is less strong after a vasectomy and not do you orgasm after have the surgery!

No, it does not affect your ability to orgasm. All it does is decline (and hopefully eliminate) your ability to be fertile.
I have a vasectomy done 2 years ago, it did not affect my orgasms in any style. Feels the same, volume seem to be the same. So, no orgasms do not procure smaller.
Should have categorically no impact on the quality or amount of ejaculate.

narrowly can tell anything happen, mostly just worried close to you, but seems fully functional.

have one in 1994

Old Guy

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