Am i going through puberty?

I am fourteen almost fifteen. My voice didn't change however and my penis hasn't grown. But, i do have a few hair's around my penis and within my armpit. I have also grown a few inchs contained by six months. I really wouldn't have a problem but when will my penis grow? If anyone have anything that would help please, furnish me the advise.

you don't identify your penis getting bigger(its not like you wake up up and its huge one day), but yes you are going through puberty. Not everybody gets the big voice shifting thing any.
your just a loser
Patience my dear, dont rush it, next if u want to rush hair growth, shave or rub nail together (buffing nails)
Use olive oil may lend a hand also.
Well, it appears you are a late bloomer. However, you are describing the instigation phases of puberty. If your really concern, have your parent bring you to Dr.
everyones body grows at different times, im sure it will grow soon :)
dude that sucks...

your almost 15 and it hasnt grown at all

start have relationships with the girls. you will make out a difference
I'm 14 going on 15. My voice hasn't changed yet. Everything else is coming impulsive for me. But hey, we ALL go at different pace and stuff can happen at different times afterwards other people. Like me, I get hair faster after others and the others have deeper voice.
no its menopause.... relax!!
You're beggining to, but don't rush, enjoy boyhood as it last.

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