Am I regular rise and mass for my age?

I am a 13 year old teen boy who is 5' 6" to 5' 8" and weigh about 120lbs. And population think i'm elder than 13 but they say my frontage looks young. Am I average?

you are pretty normal, maybe a little below weigh due to your plane so pack some more calories to bulk up, but you aren the age where you nn will soon start bulking up but where on earth I stand you are alright for your age. What is more important is you Body Mass Index BMI, don;t get hold of it to be more fat than muscle, avoid usless fat (animal fats) refrain form the burger and fries, drink less sugars from candies, devour protein from fish, chicken, egg whites, nuts such as cashews and almonds rich in fine fats such as omega 3, stay away form sodas, munch through fruits and vegetables as much as you can. You will be ok and get to be a pretty soaring young man simply get some meat on your bones!here is the result of your BMI next to the information you provided I used 5"7 since you said 5-6/8.Your BMI
Healthy Weight

Here is the link for the trellis page so you can read about it.

Good luck
check the body mass index it will administer you an idea of what largeness and weight you should be for your age
You are surely normal. Just slightly underweight.
But by this age, the plane grows rapidly and some guys
may look thinner or underweight. But it is middle-of-the-road because
the weight catch up with the height above sea level in due course of time.
Just drink right, balanced diet, some exercise, right habits
are more substantial points to think roughly speaking at this age.
Have a wonderful life ahead!
I'm almost too skinny and I'm 14 5' 10" and i weigh 140

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