Are guys really that skinny?

My brother and I were outside, and we climbed a wall about six foot tall, I jump down first and landed fine. Well, he also jump down too, and landed on both his foot, then grab his nuts saying they hurted. I don't make out how that's possible without getting hit their?

he's basically sensitive but he might have hurt them in need knowing so have him check to fashion sure their ok. and no! guys are not weak...their body mass is bigger and can contain stronger musles consequently girls...anyway he should be fine.
HEY!! **** happens contained by life! go and get over it!!
like a cramp.charliehorse. individual it's charlies balls .lol
Jump rotten the same paling without a bra on and see if it smart a bit
He probably won't let you do it, but if you could hold your brother's testicles surrounded by your hand (gently), you'd see that they're surprisingly cumbersome. And the sac that holds them (scrotum) is loose and stretches. When he hit the ground, his body stopped suddenly but his testicles didn't and pulled down hard on the cords and tissues that connect them to his body. That hurts. That's why guys entail to wear athletic supporters to hold them in place when they're doing closely of physical, energetic things, approaching jumping up and down. That's also one of the reason gals with fully developed breasts necessitate to wear sports bras when they're doing athletic stuff. Understand now?
Depending on how you climbed the barrier he could have smushed them, if he straddled the barricade on his way over, instead of vault it.

I did that once going over a ten foot chain cooperation fence, and it wasn't until I get to the bottom that I realized I'd done something foolish, and it hurt for the rest of the year.
Well before puberty, boys and girls are roughly speaking equal in physical strength. In the luggage of a prepubescent girl and boy of the same age, a girl of comparable size surrounded by many cases can in reality be stronger because girls tend to start puberty and develop faster. However, after puberty boys usually become much stronger than girls in upper body strength because of their muscle nouns and slightly leaner body build on average. This gives boys a better strength to weight ratio than girls.

Pain tolorance is a different issue alltogether. Boys are usually "tougher" than girls and inclined to take more physical punishment (as a show of toughness), but fully fledged woman actually enjoy a higher threshold of dull pain than men do. This is presumably because they have to come through more painful biological functions (childbirth, period, etc).

Also, the testicles on a guy (which I'm sure everyone knows are extemely sensitive to pain) can be injured slightly on incongruous motions without proper protection. So if a guy is jump, running or being otherwise athletic wearing boxers or loose fitting clothes instead of briefs or a jockstrap, he can be injured within easily.
So? His ball were out of position when he land, and he racked himself. Good grief!
its our nature lol

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