4'11 1/2 short?

is 4'11 1/2 short for a just turned 12 year ripened boy over a month ago?

its okay... im 13 n just 5... i guess it can depend on ur parents heght... u knw my dad be 4'9 when he was 16 ! and in a minute he is 5'11 ... see.. it is different times for people.. when their distance from the ground increase
well no in fact your just turning 12 and you a short time ago hit puberty
Don't worry going on for it. Your young and you enjoy plenty of time to grow. Most guys don't reach their full altitude until they are in their untimely 20's. You might not be growing much now, but once you manage 15/16 you'll start getting taller.
Nope I would not consider that short because boys grow in point at all different ages! Also various boys do not have a growth spurt until much after that, say, 14,15,16 even 18 or 19 for some. Each human being is different, it is normal to be around 5 foot for a 12 year old boy and I wouldn't right to be heard that is "short" because various boys that age still haven't hit puberty.
No ,I also was short at 12, You will grow,I resembling being short.
chill,your still growing !
kids grow at different ages/rates. You probably didn't hit puberty all the same but once you do you'll grow.

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