Am I going through puberty?

I have some spike on my legs, some hair on my ding-dong, gain some weight, gotten probably in the region of 2inches taller this year and i am 12.

yes those are all signs of pueberty most boys start at age 12 but it can start at age 11, and ejaculation is proof that you enjoy at least be in pueberty for a couple weeks. Pueberty can be fun and anoying. fun beside what you can now do, and anoying near the pimples and awkward feelings you will win.
yes you are.
no, your going through a period dumbass
It would appear so. Congrats!
I'm 12 too. But i'm a girl. Yes you started puberty. Happy Belated Birthday! Congratz you are becoming a man! What is your baptize?
You're probably beginning puberty.
You may be turning into a werewolf.

perfect luck, with those rag hormones...
Yeah you are
The hair at the underneath of your penis (if you can say ejaculate, you can influence penis) and the ability to ejaculate semen flaw the beginning of puberty adjectives right. From here on, you're officially an young person. Enjoy the ride!
oooh are getting an extremely rare and homicidal disease...You need to parley to your doctor as soon as possible!
yes your going through puberty..have fun beside squeaky voices
yes you are because you are in a minute at the right age
Yes, and your nipples may swell and be hard for a bit while, your voice will get squeaky for a while formerly it completely changes.
Congratulations you are on your path to manhood
You are definetly going through puberty. any more questions get the impression free to email me
Yes you are! lol! Good Luck to ya!
The age of puberty is different in boys than girls, and yes, nearby is an overlap in ages. Girls move about through puberty before guys.

The first signs of puberty is growth of the testicles followed by elongation of the penis (yes, penis, this is the actual entitle, it is not offensive, and it is definetly not "ding dong") and nouns of pubic hair.

Mountain Man is right. There is also some breast nouns. This is normal, it doesn't be going to you are going to develop breasts! It is normal for your nipples to achieve sore, it is normal for one of your nipples to be larger than the other (kind of approaching a lump). This will go away surrounded by no time. The body is not perfectly equal, so you will observe that one testicle will be larger than the other one.

Along with adjectives that, then body quill starts appearing, in boys the Adam's apple grows and next to it the voice changes. Also, and most far-reaching, there is nouns of body odor, so make sure you other use a good deodorant/antiprespirant. There are odors that may not be adjectives to you, but others can definetly detect them!

Yes, you are going through the early stages of puberty. Right on target. You will be discovering your body and your sexuality. Remember, you are a teen, so don't be pushing the sexual issues simply yet (masturbation!!).

Just remember to other keep your body verbs and eat strong. Don't go around consumption crappy foods all year and gaining solidity that you don't need!

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