Body symbol? i enjoy be workin out and doin cardio for 3 years..?

2&1/2 of these years i ate what ever i wanted ..i consumed around 4,000 calories a year (i ate lots of fast food.. 1- 2 liter of coca cola a light of day...fried food...desserts...everything!) i was a small framed nerdy guy but drinking this way and working out permit me put on 80lbs people could not believe how i dramatically increased surrounded by size they thought i was takin steriods..this historic 1/2 year i have cut down calories to 1000 /day.. and no more than 25 grams of butter a day. no brackish only hose to drink...only baked or grilled no seasoning..i really took it to the extreme to go and get washboard abs..i never was portly or even chubby i did have a lil stomach but not a gut.. i miss adjectives the tasty food and have a bulky muscular body that everyone a minute i looked ripped but i have lost alot of it average for a 18 year old to constantly verbs about what he eats/when he eats/counting calories and carbs? i be really muscular but now im of late ripped, im miserable i miss eating what i want im miserable!

Mate, You wont enjoy the washboard tummy if you eat adjectives that crappy food so you need to sort a choice of whats more important - one bulky or shredded. My advice is to stay lean and tight-fisted. Remember the size of your heart doesnt change so it will work better and be lower than less stress if you are not carrying the bulk.
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