Average penis size for a 14 year elderly?

when erect my penis is 7 inches, and when not its 5. is that big or small? and how big will it be when im an adult. ( btw im not outstandingly tall- 5'8. which is slightly above average in my year.)

hey man
i am the exact same as you, 14. 7" and 5"
We should consider ourselves lucky because the avergae ADULT penis size is 5.5'6.5"
We enjoy above average Adult size penises, and it is still gonna grown until we turn about 19-20 so its still gonna carry better
Can you say Magnums?

and whenever i be in motion to public urinals i always own a few adult men stare @ me which is odd cause i dream up they dont believe that a 14 year old have a bigger **** than they do
its rather big for yr age i guesss...
the average fully fledged penis is 6 1/2 inches erect. you will grow in every track until you are 18. consider yourself doing good
I'm 14 and mine is 5" and I'm 5'9
That is huge for 14-it is large for an full-size. Average adult is 5.5 to 6.5 inches. Be smiling!
What ever size you are is normal. Most guys mull over they are great in bed if they hold a larger penis when in reality they seem to be one and only pleasing themselves. I've found that the smaller (and average size) ones are more pleasing, taking the time to enjoy what they enjoy and taking the time to please their partner as well.
mode of big even though mine 7"
thats really big for your age. Can't say how much bigger it will take, might not even grow, depends on lots of different things. There are enlargement exercises you can do that formulate it a bit bigger if that's what your looking to do?

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