17 yr infirm mannish near lump on my gone nipple...I'm getting annoyed?


For over 5 yrs now I've have a lump on my left nipple, my right is without a flaw fine, it's just my departed nipple that's affected..I go to the doc a few yrs back and he said that it can't be mannish breast cancer and that it's perfectly majority. He said it's all member of going through puberty.However I'll be 18 in smaller quantity than a month and I've still got that same lump on my not here nipple...it's really pissing me off, I hold a feeling that If I see another doc again he will vote the same entry.

What should I do ?

I did some reasearch and found out that this condition is called, gynecomastia.does anyone share similar experience ?

Is near any way to go and get rid of this permanentely, without surgery ?

dude dont listen to them.. tis common and it is part of puberty and u dont finish puberty till age 21 so itl walk till then, i have that and its gone on my right side but not my left and im 17, my m8 get the saem thing but his wen away and another guy i no, have got it and its jsut quantity of growing up. just concord. and stop scaring yourself by looking up diseases!
best point to do is to stop playing with yourself.
you own breast cancer!!
go 2 a different doctor and explain to him how long you've had it and what u found out doing research
possibly its a 3rd nipple :D
Sounds like manly breast cancer. Or it could be a simple fatty deposit that formed and wont go away minus surgical removal. Or it could be a chicken pox scar. See a second doctor because I hold never heard of puberty cause weird lumps anywhere except where they should be :)
When i be your age a knoticed scary subdermal lumps contained by miscellaneous places. Doc said they're normal.I'm 36 still get em no problems yet. As long as you've be to the doc, that's all you can do. As beside any condition a second opinion can never hurt.
may be cuz of to much sex ,,,, lol :D
i hope its not the symptoms of gynecomastia
gynecomastia or man boobs are artificial usually on both sides of chest but sometimes one side of chest is affected more and one side artificial less.
i prefer u to check ur side of chest which u expect is fine
if u feel any type of aching or u fell a ball inside ur nipple next i afraid it is gynecomastia
i advice u to hope a doctor
dont touch ur chest allot bcoz sometimes gynecomastia appears due to the imbalance of harmones and it go automatically but if u press it or touch allot then it will disturb ur chest.
lamentably im also suffering gynecomastia if u got any usefull info abt it plz share near me.
i hope ur gynecomastia will goes automatically
You could move about to another doc and get a different evaluation. Not to get you anxious or anything but it could be dangerous. Better check it.
your gonna die..
j/k its alright newly don't take your shirt past its sell-by date...
Men can get breat cancer and it is unfortuantely thoroughly deadly

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