My cleaning woman caught me masturbating... what should i do?

ok so yesterday... my cleaning lady come downstairs to the basement where on earth my room is, & she saw me on my bed masturbating... i didn't hear her come down the steps because i was listen to music on my i pod with my phone... i heard a sort of gasping nouns and i opened my eyes and i saw her looking right at me... she basically stood there for give or take a few minute without wise saying anything... then go back up the stairs... she have been our cleaning woman for about 13 years... nobody else be at the house when it happened any... im 21 and home for the summer from school... i basically dont no what to say to her the subsequent time she comes... it feels so ackward not adage anything and i feel resembling i should... so if anybody can give me some counsel... i'd greatly appreciate it... thank you all so much

i guess the solitary thing you could do is to enunciate sorry, try telling her " hi! bout the other morning, i guess thats pretty embarrasing for the both of us, and im so sorry bout it, i hope we can keep this for ourselves" , and try varying the subject, by asking, " so, how are your kids doing( if she has children) or how's your husband? . or you could do her a favor by cleaning your own room or helping her on her works. hope this help, and next time be cautious next time!
ask her to relieve next time
Say, "I'm so sorry you have to see that."
I think the best article to do is to ask her to give you some privacy by knock instead of barging into your room.
Scream really loud and shoot it in her eye.
Simply say aloud "sorry about the other day". She doesn't requirement any explanation or reasoning from you. It would make both of you more self-conscious. She is after all within your/your parents house.I can imagine though that she will NEVER come surrounded by your room when you are home agian. lol That is a big whoops however you can't just not come home. LOCK the door subsequent time!
1. You should apologize

2. Try to find a way to lock the door subsequent time

3. Learn from this experience

4. Laugh now because you will look rear on this years from now and crow then. Your enthusiasm is not over, so laugh give or take a few it.

Hope I helped.
Why don't you start out beside saying Hello, Sorry I did not hear you the other afternoon, pretty embarrassing for both of us. I guess I should hold locked the door. Sorry again and I hope this does not get within the way of your work here. It will not arise again. Thanks.
chances are she would be ready to help near that. just ask her.
merely be yourself around her like you've other been contained by the past. you don't owe her any explanations. she a moment ago caught you doing something that both of you wish she hadn't! it happen! and and I'm sure that you're not the only guy to ever bring back caught! think just about the guy on the american pie movie!!
my cousin and her fiance were spotlighted by a police helicopter while have sex on his dad's patio out by the pool.
she said that she be totally humiliated because the cops hovered over them and took a good look!
so don't surface so bad. work like it never happen, and I'm sure your cleaning lady will discern much more comfortable dealing with it that road.
you might want to start locking your door from now on!
Best Wishes
yo dude, i've be caught by both me mum and dad...

. totally naked both times. they haven't said anything to me more or less it. so i don't think ya necessitate to say anythin' any.

i did hear my dad tell me mum that university would have skilled me about jerkin'. yeah right!!

hang on to it c.umming,
Masturbating is normal and you should be proud of doing it. Maybe she enjoy the sight of a young at heart male pleasuring himself LOL! Well don't sweat it, you will be fine!
Tell her you're sorry for what she saw and you'll try to be more discrete surrounded by the future. (I'm guessing this isn't the first time she's see you cuffing your lap ham)
btw, what music do you listen to while entertaining yourself?
Just exploit as if nothing happen, if she brings it up then consistency free to discuss it, otherwise forget about it. If she is 40 and married I am sure she understand what you were doing and be just as surprised as you be.
I would say in recent times forget about it. I once get caught by my mom. Now that WAS embarrassing.

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