Answer my D*i*c*k problem?

hi i have a problem next to thw skin around my d*i*c*k
you know i masterbated alot but i have reduced it to two times a week
the problem is the skin be damaged (masterbating) and very soon it does not get to full vigour

how bad is this item and how can i heal the skin

you should also know that i am solid (140kilograms)

Leave youself alone for awhile and all will be okay in a couple of months.
Huh... why don't you quit masturbating for nearly a few weeks and see how it does...

if it doesn't get better, I don`t know you need to grasp checked? I'm sure they make something for that...

oh, and if you must maintain masturbating... try not to do it dry
Yes just stop masturbating until it heal.
Dude, keep it from drying out. take some petroleum based lotion or only vaseline (Or something similar) and keep it lubed up. It will alleviate pretty fast. Lay sour stroking for a few days and you'll be good as brand new.

stop masturbating for few weeks and check out for doctor

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