Dick problem?

hi i have a problem near thw skin around my d*i*c*k
you know i masterbated alot but i have reduced it to two times a week
the problem is the skin be damaged (masterbating) and immediately it does not get to full robustness

how bad is this item and how can i heal the skin

you should also know that i am portly (140kilograms)

You don't say how long since you stopped the excessive masturbation, but if you still own a problem after a month, I'd suggest seeing a doctor. You might have picked up a fungus or a bacterial infection while the skin be raw.

If it's be less than a month, later try Gold Bond powder or aloe vera gel (sold to treat sunburn). Both are soothing and should make the skin grain better if no infection is present.

Good luck.
It can't really be solved because of how much hair and masterbating you own done and grown

Perry TIpler

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