Are boxer briefs similar to wearing a bathing suit next to the pool liner stuff on the inside??

do the boxerbriefs have a similar discern to bathing suites twith that stuff on the inside of it

have u see wrestlers, the things they wear are similar to boxer briefs, they are similar in pool liner and all to underwears.
Basically, devise of the normal type of underwear next to longer leggings.
No, they are like regular underwear except they hold short legs in them.
No they are much more comfortable. Once you try them you will love them!!
k im no guy but i enjoy worn both so yeah its pretty much like that single further down on the leg and a bit more comfortable. no they dont feel close to the twill from trunks they are nice. i resembling them and like i said im a chick
its close to under wear but feel better and is tight to the skin with longer legs
wow im surprised that near are actually girls answering this interrogate

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