**Relationship beside my man penis problem**?

Ok Ima a big girl, he is a REALY big guy, BUT he has a ehh rightly small penis (LIKE 4 MAYBE 5IN!). Im always on top too. Is here any positions I can do to where his penis in actuality penitrates a little to where on earth I can get pregnate. Are here other ways of getting prego? Ok how do 2 fat general public have SEX!? Is my primary question.

~Sperm will find the egg, if you're ovulating. After he ejaculate, it wouldn't hurt to stay in bed next to your legs up for a while to give the sperm a bit extra push.
Being on top is not a good concept. Get on your hands and knees and own him get on his knees aft you, you'll know what to do from there. To hold even more penetration, return with on the floor.
Good luck.~
Try doggie style.
position: have him lay down on the bed, afterwards you sit on his penis, legs facing the same process, then own him lift your *ss up and down to hand over a penitratin motion
I hope these links help.
You must do what you soak up. Do you get amusement out of his penis in your *****? or are you more aroused from individual on top?
Doggy style is often satisfying for the female.

Don't verbs about getting pregnant. Sperm will find it's road in to fertilize when the mood is right.
Find out whats pleasurable for you..perhaps doggystyle. But dont verbs about the best postion to capture prego, there is non. His sperm will find the process. One way to aid that is to not tender him any for about a week or longer and form sure he doesnt jerk stale. This should cause a infant creating explosion!
YOu can go for the adjectives penetration position . I mull over the guys size is normal.Fat general public go for duplicate position.
dogie style cause you hold lesser round in the put money on and more fat on the front,also try it sideways so I don`t know you will feel something.close to a saying two mountains can never met together.
Me and my husband are also trying to bring back pregnant and we have kinda sorta like issue.This is what we do: he comes on his own, then, uses his fingers to place it right at my cervix.(maybe tmi, but email me if you want more info)

Good luck girl!
Try side saddle--- she contained by the middle of the bed, laying at an angle on her hindmost, one leg lifted, he coming within from the side, at a 90 degree angle to her, and on his side mostly--no physical contact facade to face that agency, but penetration is deeper and he can enjoy easier hand access to her clitoris.

Also a obedient method following any type of abdominal surgery, so that the male doesn't press down on the tummy or cause it any stress.

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