After how much extent i can engender masturbating, which will not injure my sexual strength ?

Unless you have some medical condition, you can masturbate as regularly as you like lacking causing injure to your body. Just beware, you might become overly sensitive. That feeling would wear rotten in a light of day, though. Also, makes sure that you stop for meal and bathroom breaks : >
You can start masturbating after the age of 14. This will never harm your sexual form.
most people start mastubating at 13 and 14(some even younger) most populace mastubate from 1 time a day for 3 times a week. family who are really into it go 3 times a sunshine or more. dont masturbate more thn 5 times a day near at least an hour of rest after respectively 1. thn u shouldnt experice and health issues

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