Am I short????

I am 12 turning 13 on september 30. I am only resembling 5'1. Is this normal for a 12 year frail? It seems everybody at conservatory is taller. When will I get my subsequent growth spurt?

that's fine. I know someone who's that height, and he's a sophomore within high institution. you will get your growth spurt, most men don't experience theirs until roughly speaking 14-17 and will most likely maintain growing into their twenties.
Don't worry more or less it. Some guys don't hit their growth spurts until 15 or even 17.
That is kind of short I guess...but don't verbs, you will grow.
ok nobody knows when you will hit a growth sprout.but it is are basically an inch behind of the regular hiet wich is 5'2.
so it is ok.your body will wish.
your going to grow trust me when i was contained by 7th grade i be taller then some guys immediately that we are in high-ranking school im the short one
you are still immature will grow..but i don't think you will be six ft high..but you will be well-mannered food.
iwas 4'11 when i turned 17 am now 5'8
no your not short =]
you will probably go and get in inside 2 years but dont worry something like it
i know plenty of short boys just resembling you
some have their puberty hasty and some are late

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