Are men suppose to be downy?

Actually yes.

Male have testosterones and androgenes which stimulate men's body to grow more hai. So customarily, male enjoy to have more spike at their bodies.
Men are hairy. All this metero-sexual mumbo jumbo about shaving one's arms, legs, chest, rear legs, crack and sak is just a ratification fad by seriously of itchy 20-ish year olds that think they should try to look more close to David Beckham.
of course yes.
Normally men are furred but there are a few that are not. It really depends on their relations background.
Yes. Hairy men smell much much better and nil is more sexually attractive than a broad hairy chest. I regard as the differences between the sexes should be celebrated. So enjoy your tresses.
you have alot of top contributors relating you all that **** the solely hair on my body is on the top of my chief its your choice
Yes, if they're real men, next to normal mannish testosterone levels.

Remember too, as expected, that a large proportion of women are as furry as many men, even to the extent of have to shave moustache and beard growth every day.
Depends on the genes. Look at grandfathers and father, uncles and see how hairy they are, and you'll probably be that woolly. Some subspecies of caucasians are more prone to body hair, from substantial chest hair to mane on the shoulders, upper arms, back and butt--a lot of guys especially actor and body builders will shave off quill above the underwear line.
Yes they are.
not currently

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