Can somebody explain what is Masturbation?

i want to know more about it is done what r the different steps involved etc contained by detail.visual minister to is welcomed.i also enjoy a doubt regarding the skin covering the penis.i found a small nouns between the skin and penis.should that be cut,bcoz while pulling back the skin its creating deeply of it protected to cut by self?pls help me contained by detail..

Don't cut that.. it's your banjo string (frenulum). and it is meant to be in attendance. There is nothing on your body except nail and hair that you can soundly cut... leave the surgery to a trained professional.

As for masturbation.. you hold to explore that avenue yourself... that is why it is call self gratification... you do what suits your body... not what others tell you to do. You can't turn wrong with for a time baby grease though... give that a try.
you involve to use a lubricant/oil/lotion so it won't hurt and will work Much Better...
Excitation of one's own or another's genital organs, usually to orgasm, by manual contact or manner other than sexual intercourse.

Do Not cut any skin on your penis your self!
I reckon even Prince Charles does it...honestly.
Whatever you do, don't CUT ANYTHING YOURSELF!
If you're trying to retract the foreskin and it's cause pain, you inevitability to see your GP. This is really nothing investigational for your GP...they see this stuff every day. But trust me, don't cut anything.
Masturbation is An flurry, using your own hands or others' appendage to stimulate your genital to to orgasm.

Please don't cut your skin. Ask a doctor for more information! seems that u r have a phimosis.

If u want to view more in the region of masturbation, just check some porn sites.
The skin is adjectives natural, don't cut yourself, you will own problems if you do. The meaning of Masturbation is the production of sexual excitement by friction of the genitals., adjectives you need to do is explore your self, find out what pleases you. Go to a book store, look into in the condition section,Get a mannish health book, that tell you about everything roughly being a man. plenty of books out in attendance. Growing up is difficult.
just walk here for complete info

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