When a man is castrated, what is removed?

Is all of it removed or partial. Be liberal, I have easily upset ears

It looks like castration could be a sign of several things. I looked this up on Google and added a site that talks more or less it.

Castration could mean that here has be a total removal of all manly genitalia. It could also mean that in attendance has be a removal of the testicles but the penis is left intact. There is also chemical castration where on earth everything is left intact, but the personality is given a medication that kills his sex drive while he is on the medication.
the boys down lower than
The testicles
his nut sack LOL
His testicles.
Just the testicals and nothing else. This is impossible to tell apart when they fix a dog or geld a horse. He can still go to the bathroom etc but cannot own sex or make babies by any other way.
I think it way taking off his ball, they leave...the other entry.
just his penis not the ball.
no idea but i construe the whole entry
If they took it all, how would he urinate, dingy?
The testies.
Both testicles are removed! Have a fitting day.
ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch
When a manly is castrated, it's the testicles that are removed. Normally, if this is done, it's done when the male is still a child, to maintain their voice higher; this used to be the practice near children who were angelic singers, and they were referred to as eunuchs.
Castration involved the removal of adjectives the male genitalia within ancient times. Of course it involved great danger of loss. Thesedays it means more of the removal of with the sole purpose the testicles.
just the castor grease is drained
the testicles - but not to confuse that next to the medical proceedure of fixing him , in which nought is removed -only a route is severed and the ends sealed - I state this because so several guys refer to this as castration but it's not .
removal of testicles from male: to remove the testicles of a man or mannish animal, making reproduction impossible.
Animals are sometimes castrated to make them more docile and to prevent disease.
The testicles - located freshly under the penis.
I am not describing. NExt thing we know at hand will be all these men running around near no balls..

Oh bugga... I deduce I just give you the answer. .. you tricked me!
ya know they have psychotherapy for this kinda thing eh? speak about your hubby i feel for 'im, geez if i thought that pauline thought something like things like this i'd move wager on in beside my old roomie. in recent times to answer yer question i'm pretty sure they lop adjectives of it off, i can't see here being much use for 1/2 a pecker do you? ohhh only just his rocks ok i knew that really
the total package my friend
The testicles.

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