Big girth size can be a unpromising article?

I have a big girth size, between 5 and 6 inches, depending. But anyway, sucks for oral basis many girls can't fit it contained by well, have a black girlfriend who could though, but most can't. So guys who have smaller ones are lucky they can catch full coverage in most situations.

Yes, I agree. Can I procure the points... not that I need them or anything but I haven't told you that you are a complete moron or anything. But I will utter this... you could opt for a wide mouth frog instead of a girl... or a cod fish... or maybe a clown fish is more appropriate.. and they do have nice maw, don't you think? You really should stop trying to fit your fist surrounded by people's mouths though.. it's not poilet.
Where's the ? know that you go to hell for lying right?
What a dribble away of time. What kind of response are you expecting to achieve? You're not even asking a damn question.
its not that big. mine is atleast 6
Fibber. There is no put somebody through the mill here. You are a butthole for telling lies oh and I own a huge mouth but I am white. Too bad. ~GL selling that pack of bs.

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