If your penis size doesn't own an appropriate condom size, should you not enjoy sex?

My penis is big

well at hand are companies that make custom ftted condoms so you should be acle to find fitting ones. And to answer you quesiton otherise, no in recent times find a different method of birth control
A standard size condom will fit over a human head I saw it within a Chicago resteraunt

If you claim your bigger than that find a ladder and an elephant
You can carry larger condoms for bigger penisis. You should get a bigger size and next you can have sex if your in position too. Also make sure the girl your next to is on birth control, remember even if she is on birth control you need a condom b/c of diseases.
There are extra-large condoms that you could buy. I'm *sure* that you could find a size to accommodate you. :)
There should be adjectives kinds of sizes for adjectives kinds of dicks. duh?
If your penis is really that large--and you're if truth be told telling the truth here--then you obligation a bigger condom, like a Magnum brand. If that is to say still too small, you need to any call the Guinness Book of World Records for have the biggest human penis, or get a really thorough high colonic so you can become deeply less full of sh*t.
Or find someone you grain comfortable barebacking with. Actually, within is a company that makes custom ones.
You could other have the woman use a feminine condom.
Oh quit your bragging Sam!
Try this one-it has a 4 inch diameter, so it should go and get the job done!!


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