Am I fit?

Many times my urine color is dark washed out with odor and have soft-sand-like sediment. Is that healthy? I do not come up with so, but I don't feel sick. I am not sure in the region of this..

If it is dark sickly, that means it's too concentrated. You have need of to drink more water. The more you drink, the lighter your urine will become.
could be stones! see a doctor
Doesnt nouns right, u most probably got some internal problems evn though you dont discern it and waiting till u feel sick will also be a dum odds, GO SEE A DOCTOR FAST
Drink more water and see a doctor without delay. Good Luck! :)
sediment? lol, u serious
you may have a kidney stone address to a doctor to diagnose it quickly
sounds similar to your just dry usually you don't feel it for a while but next you start to fell sick to your stomach and weak merely drink lots of water stay away from pop and glorious caffeine drinks they'll just be paid you want more to drink
no you need to lately drink allot of water and i bet your urine will come out clear and not stinky lOl
Drink more sea. ~GL
Dark Yellow urine - Dehydrated / drink more water until urine is clear within color / Sediment in urine - unknown
urine color and odor have alot to do with what you drink try for a while more water and smaller amount sodas and/ or caffeine products this should help

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