Hernia Operation?

if a man has a hernia that keep him out of work would a docter tell him he wishes an operation, and then rota it six (6) weeks down the road? this is my landladys husbands excuse for not getting my shower fixed.Professinel oppinons wanted but adjectives answers welcome.

If your shower doesn't work, and you can't go for a dip, it's illegal. Tell the house lady that you are going to speak to someone almost tenant rights and you are going to call someone surrounded by your city government something like it and ask. If your doctor doesn't feel your surgery should be urgent, 6 weeks is something like right. Good luck with that. As long as you are paying the rent., you own the right to a habitable place to live. That includes self able to purloin a shower!
Sounds like someone is trying to evict you. Without giving you a proper eviction catch sight of.

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