At what age should boys start using deodorant?

My son is eight and bikes to and from school surrounded by the heat (we live contained by the topics). Lately I've noticed that he is really starting to smell. This evening he took a shower afterwards we went to an event where on earth he was running around near other kids. When we got home his shirt armpits really smelled resembling BO. I didn't know kids could start smelling so young. Neither my husband or I are "stong smelling" family. Any suggestions?

Everyone ought to use deodorant when they (or someone else!!) notices the odor! Nobody should hold to 'wait' till a specific age to use deodorant (or to shave for that matter), it is highly personal and is dependent upon hormones, diet, flurry, etc. My youngest son had to start using deodorant at just about the same age as your son (I too, be surprised and asked the pediatrician).

Buy the guy a stick!

If you're worried about the aluminum anyone absorbed contained by his skin (possible link to Alzheimer's disease then on), start him out with the mineral brackish type varieties. It works for seriously of folks, and the side effects in frail age are nothing at adjectives!). If it doesn't though. Get him the regular variety. Just cogitate if YOU had to jump around all hours of daylight STINKING..Eewww. Your son is at one of the MANY fragile ages... Help him out. This is just what is everyday for your son...

Maybe Four
give hhim deoderant its not vivacity threatning
wheneve they start to stink
i think 12 years infirm sounds good wreak i started usin it round' then.
If he smells, consequently let him use it. Why not?
if you feel he needs it, i would suggest using it. i don't presume there is a specific age.
As soon as it starts stinking really
Your son smells. solution=buy him deoderant. in that is no age limit.
If he smells, enjoy him use deoderant. I think it's a function of a person's body chemistry, not his age.
Get him deodorant... That be hard. Everybody is different.
if he is starting to smell next its time for him to use it. He sounds young, but some kids start puberty before than others
Now would be a good time.. Kids are hitting puberty younger and younger in this day and age.
As soon as they start gettin' stinky, it's time for the speed stick!
The same age that he starts to smell. Maybe he needs to start bathing more regularly.
My teacher recommened it when you obtain in 4th order about.
whenever you presume they start to stink
Go ahead and get deodorant if he have b.o., but i would recommend something normal, don't try antiperspirant because it can really irritate skin.
When they sweat and smell..a mild one for a youthful boy to draw less attention to his rash maturation..
it's okay for him to start using a deoderant if he needs it. some kids merely need it ahead of time than others. most of the kids i've known started at in the region of 10 yrs.
I'm pretty sure it's natural.
I connote, sweat doesn't smell good.
So i'd probably engineer him use deodorant.
it might just be from hte warmth but it probly would not hurt to start geting hi to use d.o. for his b.o.
when they start to smell thats when they need too
he could start using it very soon if he really needs it
I assume this is very much of an individual thing- there's not really a rule of thumb. If your son is starting to develop hormones that inflict him to have BO, do the rest of the world a favor and distribute the boy some anti perspirant/deodorant!!
right when they start smelling i suggest you put some deodorant and maybe shave aswell . i stingy nobody wants a cute 8 yr infirm smelling. XD
It all depends on how unpromising his BO is, If he REALLY smells then contribute him some deoderant, if not, any wiat till he really starts to smell, or untill probally age 11.
Get him some big deal. I own girls and they started with deodorant when they be between 8 & 9. Not that I noticed that they really needed too, but they needed to smell clean & fresh adjectives the time.
have him drink more river and buy an antiperspirant -not deodorant. take him to the pediatrician if you don't concentration a change.
I suggest the age he starts to smell, near is no specific guidelines for this, if he smells than he can wear it, if it grows he can shave it, and so forth

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