All you MALES, why is it men move off the toilet form up, after use?

I grew up with four brothers and my *** hit cold porcealin, more than once!! Is it you forget or for other reason?? Just curious??!!

I feel it should dance both ways,
guys should always tilt the seat when they necessitate to urinate and girls should always lower the form when they need to urinate.

if they both work together next they should be no problem.

I know females have a problem beside guys not lowering the seat after the guy urinate but it's equal problem with the guys other having to bump up the seat and lowering it after respectively use.

Girls should look and see just as the guys should look and see if the form is lowered or raised and the problem would be solved.

again if they a short time ago take the time to look and the problem would be solved.

hope this help...
A more accurate question is; Why do females other leave it down?
Clearly we know ample to check and make sure it's up or we move it everytime, why can't females do equal?
Why cant females just put the form down without complaining give or take a few it?
HA your behind hit more than cold porcelin it also hit the splash adjectives along the rim when you sat down. what appear to womens lib burn the bras i am woman etc etc ... put the seat down yourselves!

we do not enjoy wives that nag us to death nearly the toilet seat.
after living near the "right" woman for a number of years putting the form down becomes mannerism...
It is such a simple answer, we forget. Thank goodness we remember to move up the seat.
every time we stir to the bathroom, we check to see whether it is up or down. Depending on what we need to use the restroom for, we any leave it or rework it. Women should do the same point! If its up then move it down, if its down afterwards leave it. Women are other talking just about equality...blah blah blah, when it comes down to a simple thing as the toilet form...DO IT YOURSELF! that's what we do!
Why do all females *** U ME that the proper position of a toilet form is down???? It seem that up is far more logical. Men stand and pee far more commonly the they sit and ****
well surrounded by the case of my ex wife it be just to piss her bad

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