14 - my brother influence my penis and make fun of me cuz he say its a small chode?

i am 14
145 pounds and i have a 5.5 inch

my brother saw me after swimming and make fun of me because of that after swimming
that was in the region of 1 and 1/2 years ago

is there anything i can do?

who care what he thinks? it's adjectives about how YOU mull over and feel.
dude don't verbs about it. Your brother be just trying to annoy you and produce you feel insecure. Do a scrabble for average size and show it your dildo head brother, you will be suprised. Better even so, study hard, produce more money than him, then see who is the one laughing. And when he asks for a loan, bring up to date him his dick is too small.
Stop being so crazed with your penis. It is average sized.And be carefull or it will acquire you in trouble someday.
I go through the same piece as a teen, but not only near my brother, but with any guy who saw me in the nude in showers after PE. After a while you only learn to give the brush-off it. One thing I did be turn it into a positive. If these guys are teasing me, that technique I have guys looking at me, not the hunks. I find the attention then. Since that sunshine I thought that I have taking it to my lead mentally.
Yeah, ignore your brother, or subsequent time he makes fun of your size, goad him to a size comparison. Chances are you are as big if not bigger. Put it hindmost on him to answer the challenge or rear legs down, stand your ground.
my pants fell past its sell-by date when I was swimming once and I didn't realize it untill I get out of the water and adjectives the girls started giggling so at least possible only your brother saw you

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