Question for the men!!.. Does it hurt to hold "blue ball?"?

Well I gave one of my really honourable guy friends blue balls a short time while ago and I felt doomed to failure because he was close to moaning and stuff like he be in twinge!.. lmao. jk it's not funny but yeah.

He probably made it sound worse than it be so that he could get a bit more from you.
Generally they solely hurt if the guy has be real existing close to climaxing, then stopped and have to stop all sexual contact. Then they are collectively tender, but i think if ancestors are lying on the ground holding their balls, after it is just a bit of acting.
uhm duh
Poor guy, What did you travel and do that too him for, Im sure it does hurt, could you imagine? I deduce you should go trademark it feel better for him. after adjectives, its your fault he is hurting resembling that. take charge of it. geeeze!
yes. make it up to him.
The description of symptoms you are asking about, any occur when you own gone too long without a sexual release and your ball are full of semen. The other reason is that you own had so several sexual releases and humped so much they physically hurt.
yes if you get a guy adjectives excited and just in the order of to bust a nut and then only just leave him slack it hurts
similar to a 'Charley horse' cramp for some guys, yes it can hurt very doomed to failure! the compassionate thing to do would enjoy been to finish next to a hand profession.
so ive heardd... but i wouldnt knoww.. my women always fully entertain me =P haha
never had it, also never know any other guy who had the problem

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