14 year mature boys spreading rumours?

there is a rumour going around at college saying that i hold a huge penis, why would someone be so dumb to go and enlighten someone else that? i would really like to know why 14 year feeble boys like to see other 14 year weak boys penis's and go around unfolding people how big they are? does it come across sad to you aswell?

hmm economically that has to be the FIRST fitting rumor that i've ever heard.
Sometimes children / teenagers can be cruel
they are a short time ago jealous =don't agree to them get to you and wallow in your summer
Hey its looking good 4 u within this rumor ignore them they're probably purely jealous.U know what they read out don't get foolish get revenge!!
Hey you know what? Look at it this route the other person spreading the rumors is newly jealous of your bunch. At your age a lot of boys are curious and close to to compare size. Don't worry this doesn't stingy your gay. Just live up to the rumor.
they are sayin its big.be happy i.e. good for u
very well, boys can be quite silly. and even men hold this obbsession with have a large penis. (even though most guys believe theyre small and really are just fine) but if someone is proverb that youre large, newly go near it. they dont know any better, and hey, its better than them syaing its tiny... right? dont sweat it.
dont worry bout it kids can be dumb i noe and believe me i have worse this year i was call gay got spread around 4 middle school around 4 3 monthes when i walked through the shopping arcade people scream *** and threw stuff at me. also so what thats a stupid insult anyways, the whole boys close to penis stuff studies show most teen boys 13-17 will think of guys and things of that make-up. hope it helps
don't verbs,it's just a rumor.
Next time you hear it, newly grin and say nought. Certainly not anything wrong beside having a big one, most guys would envy you. But choosing to fail to acknowledge the talk by grinning will merely shut them down. Grin and look confident!

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