As a mannish how do i??

shave my puebic area. can i wax it? y does it irritate? wat cut-throat should i use? any advice dnt report ill-treat! Serious Question!

dude. dont shave it, men are meant to hold hair.
you should merely trim it or something
use a multiblade razor.if u shave it it will draw from irritated dont use aftershave IT WILL BURN use lotion.3 just trimmin it works
You could wax or shave.
Just if you're going to shave don't use a cheap cut-throat, if you've got an electric one that's even better.
That's what my boy friend like to use.
From my experience of an associate of mine please do not shave with cut-throat and then put lotion on it. If you do, you're looking for some twinge that will last for days, even weeks. Just trim it near electrical clippers or a pair of scizzors. Otherwise, purely leave it within.
You don't need to buy an expensive blade, just seize some good disposable ones and use them conceivably 3 times on your pubic area in the past switching to a fresh one. Waxing is good too, but it's a bit rock-hard to wax yourself, so maybe be in motion to a salon (they'll do mens waxing too). Watch out for ingrown hair if you shave, waxing, although kinda bleeding is the best because hairs grow final thinner and softer the more you wax (its true.) and they also grow back much slower.

DON'T use any type of depilatory cream near your genitals, they don't work economically and often do not dissolve the roots of the spike, leaving them stuck within your skin, which is just gross.

Good luck. Also don't put any sympathetic of lotion on your skin for AT LEAST half an hour after you shave, it will only cause irritation.

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