Are manly genital piercings "functional"?

First off, there's some points that have need of to be addressed:
- I hold one so don't bother trying to convince me not to do it
- (BUT WHY?!)...because it was the closing thing anyone would ever expect me to do
- No, it wasn't as raw as you imagine
- No, I don't sit when I pee
- No, I don't significance your opinion of my lifestyle or aesthetics
- No, I will not enjoy sex with you

Now after, I'm pretty happy next to my Prince Albert. It doesn't get surrounded by the way even though I'm a road cyclist and hold it out every single day to climb into spandex. All surrounded by all, it's fun for ME.

However, it's spanking new enough that I haven't gotten a great deal of outside opinions, manly or female. I'm trying to collect anecdotal information beyond my own experience.

Are male genital piercings new-fangled, fun, pleasurable for partners.? Do they conclude up being frightening when disclosed? Are they more work than they're worth?

What's the consensus out within?

Wow, i can't believe none of these people took your press seriously. That's pretty ridiculous.

I don't know why it would be frightening.. unless it was close to at a 0 gauge near a huge freaking ring in it.

Every woman is different. There are some that will acquire a TON of pleasure out of a male genital piercing, in that are others that won't feel it at adjectives, and still others that will be in existing pain from it.

Whenever you're going to hold sex with the piercing within, make sure you hold it really slow at least at first, only incase it ends up being raw for her. If she's fine, go ahead. if she like it, well after wahoo!

Seriously tho, I can't give you a definitive answer to this because every soul is different and what they find pleasurable will be different from everyone else.

I'm glad you get the piercing for you, and not for someone else. good for you!

Sorry I wasn't markedly much help, but hopefully i did some honourable.
what the f*ck?
There great, unless they get stuck. Then its bumpy. :(
thats an interesting question. I have a sneaking suspicion that there kool on men but women beside genital piercings just doesnt seem to be right. Seems to delicate and will rip right out lol ouch. but on males woo hoo sexy as long as the guys sexy too lol ;-)
Generally what happen is they get infected, the penis turns green, get all pusy and the doctors enjoy to remove the whole point plus your sack too! but thatll teach you to be a moronic vogue victim.
in good health..ive never had partner wit prince albert piercing..although I did try to convince my bf to get it! (hehe)

i deduce they'd end up self rlly sexy when disclosed..not frightening..finding a tattoo of a dragon 'when disclosed' wud be frightening(google! not a prince albert peircing tho! lol

and i do think it wud quality pretty good for da girl..more pressure and stuff..easier to hit da G-spot too..

so yea..wallow in ur piercing! =)
First of No I don't want to have sex next to you either. Just somewhat information that you might like to know. The Romans worshiped Isis the goddess something it is said she pierced the genitals of her manly lovers so the sperm would drain out and she would not get pregnant and mess up her single fun. I suppose at the tremendously base and this did not prohibit the function. Understand?
they're an aberration and a sign that the personage has be thru some sexual trauma at a young age.
ive never see a pierced wiener, i would like to see, but i dont know how pleasurable it would be for a girl. again never have the experience. i think if i be in the situation where on earth im gonna get laid and the guy have it pierced i would ask him to take it out.
Personally, I consider body piercing a form of self-mutilation. I don't really see the appeal.

But from a practical point of belief, you should hope one of those bling-blings on your scrotum or foreskin (or wherever the hell you hold it) won't catch on a zipper, or underwear, or her braces.
My personal experience have been that they are greatly hot to see. Period. That there is definitely no negative impact on intercourse. In certainty, I think they create some new and pleasurable sensations.

There can be some problems with oral sex. They can set rotten that gag response. I have hear stories of them getting caught on the tonsils. I'd say don't run crazy with the diameter of the ring. I instinctively think a generous guage (0-4 maybe) is easier to take than something smaller; it a moment ago slides down more easily. And I consider a curved bar go down more easily than a full ring; and it still looks really upright.

Enjoy your PA.

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