At what age should a manly carry a prostate exam?

and what exactly are they for

A male should receive a prostate exam at 50 years of age. The exam is meant to see if you hold any signs of an enlarged prostate which could be a potential cause for urinary problems. If treated rash Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) can be prevented as well as prostate cancer. Seeing that prostate cancer is the number one cancer within men, you should get it checked out.
30+ it,s to find out if you own cancer.
A male should return with a prostate exam when he reaches his 40s.
Probably around 40-50

They are for, kidney stones. You don't want to bring back kidney stones. So I suggest, you drink plenty of water everyday.
With prostate cancer the most frequently diagnosed cancer within the United States, the American Cancer Society now recommend prostate exam for men starting at age 40, rather than at age 50.

The doctor moves their finger contained by a circular motion in decree to identify the lobes and groove of the prostate gland. In a normal sized prostate gland they would expect to find the prostate around 2-4 cm long and triangular within shape. They would also expect the prostate to feel firm and rubbery.

It is used to detect cancer, urinary problems (The doctor will also check to see if your prostate is enlarged, a adjectives problem in men who are middle-aged or elder. If you've noticed problems beside urination -- an urgent need to relieve yourself, a in poor health stream or leaking, or unusually frequent urination, especially at dark -- you may have an enlarged prostate that's blocking the urine flow from your bladder) and any nodules forming.
At age 40 or elder.
A prostate is a gland sitting beneath the bladder and around the urethra (water pipe) and it helps mix the semen on ejaculation. It is however, a troublesome little fellow and can become enlarged after the age of 40 (some faster and some later and some not at adjectives!)
It is a good belief to have a blood trial after you are 40 called a PSA stratum test. This will put in the picture you how active the gland is. A better than normal reading (higher than 3 or 4) and extra tests should be carried out.

Hope that help!
Doctors recommend at 40 yrs old. Don't presume about it and do it. The winding up result will be a peace of mind.The doctor checks your prostate gland for abnormalities.
Around 50 to see if it have enlarged and if it is BPH (or enlarged prostate than thay can give you something close to Flomax or Avodart. But if it's cancer it's best to be detected early.

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