Being a man rock!, agrees?

Through out history men have done a great deal of great things and created tons of great invention. Plus, most, if not adjectives of the greatest mind of ours time are men. Men are strong and intelligent!.

Heck, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was a MAN!.

Men see ***!. I want to see some men pride around here

shut up you idiot
His Holiness The Dali Lama said that as one reaches highly developed levels contained by Buddhism, there is no significant difference between the sexes.

BUT, men are lucky because they are sure to be reprimanded if they generate a sexist comment. Women have no such sanctuary net.
I wouldn't know. I hold a VAGINA. And without one of those you wouldn't even be here ;)
sooooo what's the grill?

obviouslty men aren't too smart if this is a website for questions but you don't even know how to ask one.
you are a polite representation of all males...dumb! apt job!
wow that's fresh. hahaha!
Gosh, your such a silly goose!
I would love to teach you a lesson, how give or take a few you and me and a cucumber makes three?
Being a manly is all righteous, until you get see in the nuts.
umm . . . someone's sexist.

it is great anyone a dude, I agree, but we do get blamed for like mad of stuff. if the wife goes missing it have to be the husband. it can't be the crazy neighbor who talks to his cats!
I agree beside my fan, Black and White! shut up!
girls are pretty, sexy, and hold more fun!

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