Can i take home my mouth muscles look stronger?

i want a more defined jaw look similar to brad pitt would losing some weight support im not fat at though btw!

Answers:    These exercises will abet relax the muscles and increase mobility in the cheek joints. These can be done when symptoms are mild or non-existent. Do not do these when torment is moderate to severe, instead the jaw should be rested as much as possible during these more uncomfortable episodes.

Assisted Opening - Place two fingers on lower front teeth, slowly open as all-embracing as is comfortable while pushing down with your fingers. Repeat ten times.

Resisted Opening - Cup palm underneath chin, open mouth slowly, and gently resist orifice with paw under chin. Repeat ten times.

Midline Exercise - Look within mirror, bite teeth together, and look at position of two center teeth on lower jaw (central incisors). Open slowly while watching these two teeth and attempt to save lower jaw "centered" as you unstop. Repeat ten times.

Simple Opening/Stretch - Open jaw slowly ten times as general as is comfortable.

Lateral Movement Exercise - Open jaw almost one inch from clenched bite. Move lower jaw as far to the right (straight to the right in need opening more) as is comfortable. Repeat ten times and later do the same on the departed side.

Neck Stretch - Attempt to touch ear to shoulder by bending neck and not raise shoulder. Repeat ten times and then do ten more on the other side.
Chew a LOT of gum.

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