Any suggestion for a 17 year ripened masculine young person who is planing on moving out of nearby parents house?

i'm about to turn 17 on tuesday and i,m plaining on moveing out of my parents house subsequent july, can anyone give me any tips or recommend for me to think roughly speaking or do in this subsequent year. i have a pretty right job for someone my age i generate 11.50 a hour, and i already own two nice cars that run good and near also paided for

beyond of your parents feeling to stay surrounded by the house
but think economically
you will reclaim a lot on money and more correct intention from your parents
Save money. Save money. Do not get anyone pregnant.
start good money. also start thinking about where on earth you are going to live so that you have adjectives that set up and ready to shift when you move out. keep your situation and make sure that you are abiding money. also make sure that you preserve good guardianship of the cars so that they are in honourable condition.
Start purchasing things you will need resembling bedding, towels, dishes and small appliances like a toaster, coffee inventor etc.

You will need them if your living on your own.
Why do you own two cars?

Sounds like you are doing a fitting job, a moment ago right now store as much money as you can. Start looking into a good training or a better job (like construction that pay envelope around 18 an hour). Also, start looking for a place to live, it's important that you find the right place for the right amount.
i'm 19 i receive 15/hr and i am trying to move out and i dnt have the money .. i dono how u gonna move out wit 11 buxx an hr.. put together sure u have plenty of money for food, rent etc.. if u'll be screwed. Save all ur money and symmetry all ur money and see if u can really afford to move out. accurate luck...
Be responsible about everything. Don't take involved in using profusely of credit. Start saving for emergency so you don't have to borrow from others. Keep your place verbs so you can be proud of it. Sell one of those cars and bank the money. Prove yourself to be a responsible and grown person.
i would start buying things u obligation for a house like a table chairs couch dishes things close to that
get a duty, make sure ur financially on the brink and dont break the law...
deal in one of the cars and use the money for first and last month rent. deeply of places will check your credit rating before they'll rent to you. especially human being a young single male( they might be afraid you'll throw fanatical parties) good luck, sounds close to you might have your boss on straight. also agree with the no pregnancy entry, you'll have your hand full with merely life
start penetrating were do you want to live
Why move out... stay and liberate more money... 11.50 a hour is not enough to live by yourself.

Insurance on two cars
rental insurance

Think formerly you move. 17 is too young if you ask me.
From experience:

Get yourself a black leather motorcycle jacket, jeans, and some harness boots. Also by a motorcycle.

You will look tough, so you can live contained by a poor area b/c not a soul will bother you. I always get a lot of tail from the ladies so I could usually crash at their places and they would also label meals and I could obtain food there.

Start working out immediately
SAVE your money for :
buying furniture
gas for your two cars
insurance for your 2 cars
mechanical expenses for your 2 cars
going out money

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