Body doll? i hold be workin out and doin cardio for 3 years..?

2&1/2 of these years i ate what ever i wanted ..i consumed around 4,500 calories a afternoon with no problem ( i ate lots of hurried food.. 2 - 2 liters of coca cola a day...fried food...desserts...everything!) i wasa small framed nerdy guy but drinking this way and working out agree to me put on 80 lbs people could not believe how i dramatically increased within size they thought i was takin steriods..this ancient 1/2 year i have cut down calories to 1000 /day.. and no more than 28 grams of tubby a day.. no saline ..only river to drink...only baked or grilled no seasoning..i really took it to the extreme to procure washboard abs..i never was chubby or even chubby i did have a lil stomach but not a gut.. i miss adjectives the tasty food and have a bulky muscular body that everyone noticed..very soon i looked ripped but i have lost alot of it run of the mill for a 18 year old to constantly verbs about what he eat.. when he eats..and counting calories and carbs and everything else.. i lost 43 lbs surrounded by 2 months. opinion? im miserable

~It doesn't nouns like you ate that bearing before you purposely ate that crap to gain bulk. It's okay to concern yourself with your size and calories. It's your body, be aware.
43 pounds contained by a month is very extreme. You should lose and gain slower than that. No wonder you're miserable.
I presume you should increase to at least 2,500 calories and chomp through some of the things you like sometimes. Don't reward yourself by ingestion those fatty foods, but depriving yourself of them will only receive you gain weight trying to replace it beside other foods.
Water is good for you, don't supply that up. Only drink pop once in a while, same as the food.
Just be wary, because if you eat too much of that nature of food, it will cause problems near cholesterol and heart problems later on. Men enjoy heart attacks more often after women.
Maybe calorie counting shouldn't be an issue at all, since you're not overweight. Either method, you can't keep doing what you've be doing.
Good luck.~
No it isn't normal. You own an eating disorder and as you speak body image problems.A few sessions near a counselor might be useful
You may be miserable, but what you did not say aloud is that you are also one should loose wieght close to this, it is dangerous and not essential. All you have done is get hold of rid of fat, not put on muscle. If you want muscle, slow approach done on all this cardio and move into resistance training...big time. You own a body that responds quickly. Learn how to work out, munch through at least 2000, I don`t know 3000 calories a day, hold extra protein in form of shakes, etc. You entail about 200 grams of protein a afternoon to build good muscle. Stop beside the anorexia, for that is exactly what you are going through. NOT righteous by any definition. IF you do not know how to work out, then hire a trainer who is virtuous and learn briskly. Then, observe faultless form and lift 3 times a will be amazed at what happen. Good luck

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