**** ring...?

has anyone used one, and be it pleasurable? how long can it be kept on? when i slip it on my partner how far do slip it on? any advice is appreciated. gratefulness and have a correct weekend!

There's a few different factors here. They don't give the impression of being to be designed for pleasure as much as stamina. . . the tightness around the shaft keeps blood from escaping, thus maintain an erection longer. I think that stablizes the nerves too much and is in actuality less pleasurable.
There are rings designed to turn around the shaft - as far down as possible (beware of pinning down hair - ouch) and near are ones designed to go around the total package - scrotum and adjectives. I don't know if I'd let someone else put on on me. Too abundant pain factor.
Because you're restricting blood flow, I woundn't advise departure it on for too long.
Some actually wear them close to jewelry under their clothes, but contained by a flaccid state, there's not much danger of restricting too much blood flow.
a c ring go around the whole element and nuts it is used so that the blood goes surrounded by but not easily drained out. It is used to maintain his unit unyielding longer they come in different sizes and materials some are leather next to snaps or metal rings good rule is if it is discomfited it is too tight pain is a well-mannered mesure of how long it is on or how tight it is

Hope this helps

me and my bf have used one.. it was pleasurable for me but it made my bf's penis soft in a minute.. but i dont know how it works for other guys
never used one, but they get placed at the podium. suppose to help protract erections by cutting sour draining blood flow out of the penis.

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