Are men susceptible to breast cancer??

I think they are because we hold them too just not as massive as a woman's.

Men do get breast cancer, but it's sporadic. Not only is in that a lot smaller quantity breast tissue, but there isn't the hormonal force to growth, either.
Men can also own breast cancer. But the possibilities are really small so unless you are REALLY unlucky I don't think that you're going to own it!
Yes, men can get the cancer as powerfully.
However due to the size of the mamillary tissues, it is much much less probable to happen to males.
yes men and women can enjoy breast cancer, you might not think of it, but it's true. It's intensely unfortunate.
I once saw an illustration, surrounded by good infirm days men wore gallis pants. In this defence, buckle on the gallis had be irritating the nipples and poor fellow got cancer breast due to chronic irritation!
yes, they are but they hold a MUCH smaller percentage of cases, and the chances of getting it are slim...lone about <3% of men in fact get it...thoroughly very unusual in men...their chests dont own as much fatty area for it to develop and spread through
yes extraordinarily much so, however it isn't reported much in the medium or academic journal.

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