Anal Sex Questions (Solo Anal)?

I got some question about "Solo" Anal. My friend suggested I try it so I did and immediately I fell sorta stupid and weird for doing it considering im with the sole purpose 14. Well anways I got some question about it.

1. Is it adjectives for men to do that?

2. Am I thought of as gay if I do that(by myself)

3. What would you do if your boyfriend did that? (for the ladies only)

yo dude, cool question.

i'm 17, and totally curious. empire say that the male's "g-spot" is up his Like my d.ick give me so much pleasure, like i'm wanting to see if i catch even more pleasure through anal..

me: i've tried a finger, but it was too tight... so i give up. i think i only just gotta get some lube and travel right in! i've be eyeing off carrot too.. lol

1. I'm a woman, so I'm not positive that it's common for men to do that. But I'd almost guarantee that it is. Men own a tendency to experiment more than women.

2. I don't construe your gay. I have a friend that does that, and he's the straightest guy I've ever met contained by my life.

3. If my boyfriend did that, I'd adopt it. It's his choice and if that's what makes him contented... he should do it.

Don't feel stupid and wierd. At one point, that's what you looked-for to do. Now you know what it's like, and if you insufferable it, you never have to do it again! Don't consistency bad more or less yourself!
your 14
y are u sticking stuff
in your rump for
your friend is probably gay
your rump is a exit single
~You're only 14, it's middle-of-the-road to be curious. You didn't like it, and you're not attracted to men, you're not gay.

1. I deliberate men try it in some path or another, even if it's with their girlfriend.
2. You are not gay for doing that.
3. If my boyfriend like it, I would do it for him.~
I think it is honourably common. I know 2 men that do.
No, it does not construct you gay.
I would accept it..if it feel good than you can do it. There is no source to feel ashamed. You are not hurting anyone.
your boyfriend is messed up
1.) im not sure how adjectives it is
2.) your prostate gland is right there subsequent to your penis and testes so stimulating prostant helps u to own a more explosive finish after masterbation (or with a girl, sex)
3.) self probably help him next to a vibe or didlo when hes insides ;)
1. It's more common than various would think, though it's a bit taboo to talk nearly it.

2. Don't worry going on for what others think. Many guys, straight or gay, do it by themselves.

3. No thought, but my guess is she'd find it amusing (and might help out).
EEEeeewww! That is totally gross and disgusting. The conception makes me want to puke.

It's single gay if there's another guy involved. Solo it's disgusting but not gay.

If I found out a guy was doing something resembling that I'd be outta there at warp speed. Barf time!
Its everyday. Don't sweat it.
if its ok with you
That's sick.. If you're straight stop that

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