Are gay men afraid of getting grease?

Have you ever been a gay man beside a six pack but gained solidity...and did people treat you differently?

It reckon anyone is afraid to get chubby not just gay empire.
Well there are lots fat frail gay men.
i dont really know since i've never been gay and I never will be, but I construe that a fairly sizeable amount is afraid of getting fat.
I am sure some do not keeping, but I have notice that some gay men take particularly good exactness of themselves, always contained by shape and smell good and dress economically. those ones would probably not want you to let yourself step too much
I'm gay. My 6 pack isn't that noticeable but I work out and chomp through right now so it's with the sole purpose going to get nicer.

I whip care of myself unlike most of you savage hetrosexuals
ok first of adjectives I am hetero, and I dont want to ever get tubby, just not wholesome, and I believe nobody wants to attain fat gays, lesbos, hetero's. Who seriously wake up and says "hey I want to be a corpulent f*ck!" So your saying necessarily that people who work out are gay? exact that would be the most ignorant piece Ive heard. bring back yo shiet straight playa

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