Are women elated near their period ?

No, are you happy next to yours?
Sometimes... it sucks physically, but it's always a reminder that I'm not pregnant and that make me smile :)
Not happy next to it, but I can deal next to it.
No! You have to shift through a week of cramps, bloating, and it feels disgusting. Most women are particularly not happy next to their period.
I never be...too many problems...have a hysterectomy at age 29 if that tells you anything!
yeah! It's such a fun entry to experience! What is your problem?
Go **** off within a pool somewhere instead of asking stupid questions!
ive get 4 kids, plus i breastfeed for 2 years everytime
so in the second 10 years i dont get alot of period,
I MISS MY PERIOD, plus its a fantastic way to find out of sex,lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I wonder the purpose of your question but this is a middle-of-the-road physiological event for any normal woman that have reached her puberty. Except for the aching ones, they enjoy it when they own accepted it as common as well as prepared for it.
Not really. They can be a TRUE pain within the stomach - literally! I have to plan my time in mortgage (ie, making sure that I can go to the loo if I call for to in a hurry) and making sure that I'm prepared. I aversion feeling so sick that I can't munch through anything, or being surrounded by so much pain that I can't sit still.
hell's a couple weeks of pms beforehand which process feeling hefty, being depressed, acne, and adjectives that stuff then cramps when u start and worrying in the region of having accident it's really annoying
women are so weird ....any other animal on the planet that bled for 5days would die
~Why wasn't this posted surrounded by "Women's Health?"
When I had my extent, I hated it! Would you resembling to bleed 7 days out of a month? Wait, you might, because you would also do that in a pool!
I have a complete hysterectomy because they thought I had cancer. So far, I haven't.~
Definitely not
you get it right and you guys are with us i seize a kick roughly these weired questions roughly speaking we are in a discouraging mood so you guys stay away us or you will get dangle
no specially the days before it i loathe PMS

but then thants ur ticket to womanhood and have babies..
What the hell do you think?!? We hold blood gushing out of us, horrible stabbing cramps, get tired and fatigue, bloating and be even more b*tchy than usual. And then theres stupid guys out nearby like you that spawn things worse. Not to mention it feels discusting and costs money to buy tampons. How would you similar to to deal next to that. YOU WOULDNT. And before you ask, yes I am on my time of year and b*tchy as hell!

Oh and to answer your question, Yes I love have periods *sarcasm*
Not really they suck. ~GL
no,but when ya 50plus they don't appear so bad or want still had em

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