How big would an average sized 13 year old-fashioned penis be?

I want to know in distance and length. I do not masturbate very recurrently if that helps.

ably mine was close to..6 inches back after..but i think average around at hand..its 5 inches long..not sure about girth though..but yeah it will grow..mine did..mines in a minute 9 no worries.
~Masturbation will not make you big or small, have no effect.
You're still a young man, there's no road to know. All I know is you aren't done growing. The average size for a man is 5.5-6 inches. Possibly 3-4 inches wide?
Why not focus on something worth focusing on? No situation what you do, you won't change the size of your penis. A hobby possibly?~
suppose to be 3 inches , but it different ,depending on weight, rise (if your weight more than average = you get bigger ) , and there is an equation on this issue ( short get big tall get small ) and there is ploy on this ( if you got a Mercedes you don,t want to have a big one
probably 4 x 3 or 5x3 at most
ailing check for you if its too small

if u no what i mean

i guess mine be abt 11 cm wen erected
when I was 13 mine be around 6 inches but now its 8 inches so im sure yours will grow to .

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