Blood coming out while urinating?

Two nights ago when I go to the bathroom, a little blood come out while I was urinating. It happen again this morning. What could this be (P.S., this isn't my period, since I'm a man :) )

Hematuria (the medical identify for blood in the urine) is symptomatic for a quantity of diseases, like urinary tract infections, kidney stones, cystitis (inflammation of the bladder) and some STDs. In any crust, you should visit a urologist or a clinic to take a urine culture taken. If you ignore a urinary tract infection, you can develop nephritis, which is a kidney infection, and much more serious.
In the show time, you can drink plenty of fluids. Highly acidic juice, like cranberry and pomegranate can acidify urine and backing keep the bacterial count low.
You necessitate to go see a doc. You may own a urinary tract infection or something else wrong. Do not wait achieve this checked out now.
Chances are you enjoy a urinary tract infection.

You need to see your doctor as soon as possible.

This contact will give you more info
Could be a few things, all glibly corrected. From kidney stones to kidney infection, urinary tract infection, etc. Traces aren't dangerous but still obtain to a doc so they can do a urinalysis...that will usually tell them where on earth the blood is coming from, how much is in your urine and what step to hold next. You can drink cranberry liquid in the meantime, which will relieve your kidneys/urinary tract naturally but near is no option bar the doc for something like this as it could be a more substantial problem.
you have need of to get that checked out. There should be no waiting to see what other enjoy to say. I know your wanting me to communicate you that everything is going to be ok, but you never know.

If you are sexually active you might hold a urinary tract infection or another type of sti ( sexually transmitted infection) however it could possibly and most likely be CANCER.

PROSTATE TO be exact. I suggest you jump get that checked asap
wooah that sucks. dance to the doctor, you could have an STD or an infection.
its call go see a doctor
This ask should be taken to your doctor immediatel,not here! This condition cant be good! Go to a doc dude!

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