Can girls own orgasms while they sleep?

I know "wet dreams" are adjectives for guys, but what about girls? Can girls hold orgasms while they sleep the way guys do, and if so, does it begin when there is a shortage of sexual release (as in guys)?

~YES, YES and YES! They could be dreaming more or less oral sex in the sea and have an orgasm!
Lack of sexual release would be indistinguishable for women.
Wet dreams? I'll say individual when she's a child.~

**Finally, a good cross-examine. Two points for you!
Yes they can, depends on the dream I guess.
Yes!. If you want more info ask your Girl Friend, if you have.
IDK but I'd sure resembling to head up that study!!
Only on a worthy night!! woo-hoo!
But I enjoy no idea what cause it. when you find out, let me know!
Yes. My sister and I noted them at almost 2:00 am. Don't know why as my sister is married and still occasionally gets them. I am married and I don't.
Yes it is true, woman can own "wet dreams". It can be attributed to shortage of sex or having a sexual dream. It is typical don't worry.
yes they can. it happen to girls, young women, and elder women also. hormones i think. anything....

all that pleasure minus the work.
now transmit me there is no God??
he does own a sense of humor, doesn't he??
yes ,yes ,yes . i am sure.

since am a boy i know it very clearly.

i inherent it from my girlfriend.

she said me she is dreaming our mating at sleeep,

& she become wetty
I have fingered several women to orgasm while they be asleep.
i how they are doing a study about drizzling dreams i believe in it and it happen i thought i was dreaming but it be for real
i suaully partly asleep when i start to hump what ever i am laying on (floor, bed, couch...). i hold recalled nearly 2 or 3 other accosaioons when i woke up all showery... under soaked through... i even get my bed wet, lol

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