Is it true ?

A friend of mine told me that if I masturbate more than once a day (which I sometimes do) someday I'll be a rapist. That isn't true, is it?

~That is not true. It might be true that next to the rainbow you chose for a picture, could mean that you will someday be gay? Only a guess mind you.~
u cant be a rapist because you masturbate, self a rapiest is a choice that you make. no it aint true
not true
Of course it's not true. Masturbation and rape don't enjoy a lot surrounded by common.
No. But at hand is a rumor that you could go blind. Actually that's no true any. About the worse that is going to come up is you going to get definite tired and maybe some friction burns. Cold showers do backing. Good Luck.
no its not true, heck today i did it like god know how many times, lately b/c u masterbat dosnt mean u will rape ppl, individual mental crazy ppl do that
Hardly or every prison would be extremely overcrowded with men. Oh skulk...they are. But I don't think it's from jerkin stale too much. No of course not.
No. The craze go away after sometime.
If it was true consequently every man over the age of 13 would be in prison immediately. And no, you won't go blind, you won't grow fleece on your palms, your peter won't fall sour, and most importantly, you probably won't go to hell, (unless you're Catholic. Joking.)
no you won't be a rapist but you will build some devout muscles on your arm think this style you are saving plentifully by not going to the gym
No it is not true
no the only true is i.e. you continue masturbating more than 5 , then on live you can have problems near erection.

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